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 Being green
Kermit says it is not easy to be green.  Well his day is coming!  Green is in and getting stronger every day.  Home buyers are asking for energy saving features. Ask and it will be given.  Today homes are packed with more insulation to make homes keep the cool in and the hot out….and visa versa.  Windows are double and triple glazed and low emissivity coatings are added to the glass.  Air conditioners and appliances are getting more and more efficient.  Thermostats are programmable.  There is an app to set your thermostat from work or turn appliance on or off. We are crazy for energy efficient products.  We are getting green.  Phoenix is one of the most greenest cities in the US.
Trulia looked at all the homes listed for sale on their site since January 1, 2014 to see which of the 5o largest US metro areas had the largest share of homes that were marketed with at least one of ten green amenities (bamboo floors, insulated windows, energy star appliances, high efficiency HVAC, solar panels, low flow toilets, insulated garage, economical gas heater, LED lights, drip irrigation)

Phoenix ranks second in the U.S. for green living, according to this study.  The results were surprising!

St. Louis comes in first followed by Phoenix, Austin, Fort Worth, Denver and Dallas…..while San Francisco — considered by many to be one of the most eco-minded cities in the U.S. — trails behind

Trulia experts note that green homes will make up as much as 38 percent of the construction market next year.

Phoenix ranks ahead of some others big U.S. cities on the list. That includes San Jose (7th), San Francisco (8th), Riverside-San Bernardino (9th), Cambridge, Massachusetts (12th), Orange County (13th), Los Angeles (14th), Seattle (16th), San Diego (17th) and Boston (19th).

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