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Mulberry Homes

Mulberry Blandford Homes Community at Signal Butte and Guadalupe

But what else do we know about the development? We know there will be homes ranging from 1,600 sq. ft. to just over 4,000 sq. ft., starting in the $200’s.  We know we can expect a Fry’s Market Place.  The sooner we gt the Fry’s the better.  I suggest a campaign to get the Fry’s under construction sooner.  The current grading is not in the area the Fry’s will be built in so I would guess the homes come first then the commercial area…so later next year. Lets ask for sooner.   If you will go to my Facebook page…’like’ the page…share this post….I can develop a campaign to urge Blandford to build the Fry’s sooner.  I need to show them that the community supports this idea.  So I need your help.

Blandford Homes is creating hometown charm, for real! Mulberry is anticipated to be the neighborhood that EVERYONE falls in love with. It will feel like an enchanted land—magically reminiscent of the early 1900s when homes sprung up to create quaint neighborhoods. Blandford Homes presents an inspired line of home designs with significant character differences. Imagine corner lots featuring homes with wraparound porches! This “New Old-Home Neighborhood” will be one-of-a-kind in Arizona.

The master plan and neighborhood amenities will be magical, too. Mulberry will feature two beautiful main entrances with lush landscaping. Tree-lined boulevards lead to centrally located Mulberry Park, no more than a 5-minute walk from anyplace in the neighborhood. You may feel as though you’re in storybook land as you enjoy the park’s impressive Georgian Colonial-style building complete with white trim and green shutters, along with the pool, sport courts fitness, and playground. Wow, just imagine the events and celebrations you’ll attend within the huge pavillions and green playing fields of Mulberry Park.

Adjacent to the community, Desert Ridge Junior and High Schools, as well as two elementary schools, are all part of the top-rated Gilbert School District. The 202 Santan and US 60 Superstition Freeways are each within 1.5 miles of Mulberry, as is the new Apple manufacturing plant. Mesa’s tech corridor, expected to provide thousands of job opportunities, lies just one mile south. Also within a mile you’ll find major shopping, dining, a carwash and an IMAX theater. A shopping area, “Mulberry Marketplace,” planned for construction in 2015, will include a Fry’s Marketplace designed in a Craftsman Bungalow style to tie into Mulberry’s architectural theme. Mulberry residents won’t even have to leave the community to shop!

The design of Mulberry does not take a backseat to its location. Most all sidewalks will be offset from the roads. Picture rose gardens, green grass, and large palm trees mixed with big, beautiful shade trees creating a true canopy over the streets and walkways. Mulberry is on track to open in early 2015 with a waiting list and sell out quickly. Unlike other Blandford Homes master-planned communities, this is a limited opportunity offering homes from 1,600 sq. ft. to just over 4,000 sq. ft., starting in the $200’s. Once complete, Mulberry will inspire others to try to duplicate the charming feel that’s real: The “New Old-Home Neighborhood.”

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Blandford Homes plans master planned community in Mesa Arizona
Mesa Arizona will soon have a new master planned community on the corner of Signal Butte and Guadalupe.  A Mesa Arizona Fry’s Marketplace will be built in conjunction to the housing development.  Can I hear a Halleluiah!!! As a local I have been praying for this for 4 years. We so desperately need a grocery store in this corner of the world.  So I am one Mesa resident that is pleased as punch! Now get me a gas station and  a drug store and some fast food……my true colors are coming out.
You may have noticed the construction and wondered what was going on.  So now you know. A new Blandford development is on its way.

Blandford Homes on Friday announce plans for “MULBERRY”,in Mesa Arizona, a master planned community comprising 545 Lots in Phase 1, which will homes ranging from 1,600 to 4,300 square feet and priced from the $200’s to the low $400’s.

Kroger will be developing an upscale Fry’s Marketplace next door in conjunction MULBERRY’s architectural style, a news release said.

MULBERRY in southeast Mesa Arizona is just 1.5 miles from the 202 and Guadalupe and 1.5 miles from Signal Butte and the US 60 adjacent to Desert Ridge High School and Desert Ridge Junior High as part of the Gilbert School District.

Land development is already underway with approximately 100 existing trees boxed and mass grading is set to start in approximately 2 weeks. Bidding for the balance of the infrastructure will take place later in September and bidding for the new home products will start in early November with models fast-tracked in December, allowing a soft opening in late January and grand opening in late February.