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Who would of thought Millennials getting tired to the big city.

It looks like millennials are not as different from their parents as they thought. They just needed to come of age.  I always thought it would happen.  When you get ready to start a family the city lights dim and the boring burbs look more interesting. It just took a while to get there…..

Well, it turns out that a lot of the Millennial group is looking for larger space and, for some, a more simplistic way of life. They want places with more bedrooms and a larger amount of space to call home. Maybe they’re planning on a family or would like a separate room for an office and a guest room for friends and family to visit. Let us not forget that the price of real estate in places like San Francisco and the Bay Area are hitting all-time highs and many Millennials may just not be ready for the high price tags associated with buying here.

Whatever the reason, Millennials, according to CAR and the National Association of Home Builders, are changing their minds about city living and choosing to live elsewhere.

Any thoughts on the matter?