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Although it sounds crazy, buying a home without seeing it in person first is not a new thing. In 2020 this method of home buying has grown. According to a report by Redfin, a major home search website, about 63% of buyers around the country made an offer on a home without seeing it first.

If you are considering purchasing a home in the San Tan Valley area before touring it in person, here are some things to help navigate the risks- Buying a Home in San Tan Valley Sight Unseen

Seek Mortgage Pre-Approval FirstBuying a Home in San Tan Valley Sight Unseen

One of the best things a potential home buyer can do to expedite the home purchase process and buying a home sight unseen is to make sure that all their financial ducks are in a row. One of the biggest steps to doing this is to become prequalified for a mortgage loan. This helps buyers to know how much home they can qualify to purchase and to narrow down a house hunting focus set to their financial parameters.

Not only does preapproval help you to shop for a home that you can most likely find a qualifying loan for, it also helps to communicate to the homeowner that you are a solid purchaser. That you are ready to make a move with a higher likelihood of getting final loan approval and closure on the sale.

Do plenty of homework and digging for information on the neighborhood

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home in your favorite vacation destination, or have never been to the area whatsoever, there are several online resources available to help you get better acquainted with an area and buying a home sight unseen.

There are some listings that do a great job to describe the neighborhood in which a home is located, but not all listings include this information or include very little. Listings can give good information, but are not capable to write a novel’s worth of information to give you the best insights on truly living there. Look at everything you can that comes up with information on the particular area that you’re searching for a home in. Make sure to read a few online forums where people answer questions about the area as well. This will give you one of the most honest looks into the area.

Find an expert trusted local agent

Once you know how much home you can afford, what type of home you want/need, and a general area of where you would like to be, it is a very smart idea to find a local agent that is excellent at their job. Local agents can help to fill in any missing gaps of information on certain neighborhoods as well as be able to quickly pull up several properties that meet your search criteria. They can also help to expertly negotiate on your behalf with the home seller or the selling agent.

Buying a Home in San Tan Valley Sight UnseenAsk to take a virtual tour

Seeing online listing photos is helpful to determine if a home is worth a more detailed look. These photos are often times taken by a professional however at specific angles to show features in their best light and can be a little misleading as to how the actual home looks in person to the naked eye. Asking your agent to take a virtual or in-person tour via FaceTime, Zoom, or another live video feed can go a long way to help you see the home as it truly is. Even though being there in person is the best way to get an actual feel for the home. While on a live video with your realtor, make sure to ask plenty of questions and ask them to look at details while you are on camera with them.

Ask about remote closing options

If you need to purchase a home completely sight unseen there are options, you can close on the purchase of a home remotely depending upon the state and the lender you are using. Some documents will need to be notarized to finalize a home purchase, meaning that someone will need to see you sign a paper in front of them. In some states you can do most of the closing through a virtual process, especially since the pandemic.

It is not uncommon for homebuyers to put an offer on a home without seeing it, especially in an area where they are planning to purchase a second home or even move to a remote place they have always dreamed about now that they are working from home more often. Just make sure you have the right professionals on your side to help you through the process and lessen the chance of any buyer’s remorse.

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