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If you want to get the serious attention of someone who has placed a home on the market for hundreds of thousands of dollars, what would you do? Consider too that you wont be the only one trying to do this which now makes the endeavor personal and competitive. So what gives buyers the edge?

Lets get down to basics. How can anyone who has not been approved for a loan and doesn’t have proof of down payment or an earnest money check in hand  expect to progress successfully in a Real Estate transaction?  Put yourself in the sellers shoes. The seller is looking for a serious prepared buyer. Financially prepared and ready to make a decision.

For example–

I got a call and a visit from a potential buyer who wanted to take the time to emotionally appreciate the transaction. HOW? By talking about what a great home it is and what the obvious benefits are. This is fine.  This is to be expected up to a point.

While we are talking and dreaming and thinking how great it was that we were the first to view this great property……. lo and behold another two or three buyers appear and want the same place too…

So what happens? The person who was taking their time, wanting to dream about the outcome and how it will work is now saying to the listing agent, Wait a minute! I called you first! I should be able to have first go at it , I have to say you did have first go…and you waited too long to make a decision.

You didn’t score. You weren’t prepared to make a fast decision, best efforts  wont bring the home to contract let alone escrow or make it yours. Having one foot in the door may appear one way, but unless you can get your whole body in…. well you are not in!  You werre not prepared to make a decision.

I cannot imagine a buyer who wants to buy now a days not pre-approved, checkbook in hand ready and the only thing holding them back is find a potential home of their liking of course subject to reasonable conditions. Like it or not, that is how the game is played.  This is financially prepared.

THE BUYERS AGENT & YOUA buyers agent spends time with their clients getting to know them, their wants and exactly what is necessary to accomplish the dream of owning a home. The buyers agent will listen attentively, ask questions, and set up the buyer to be taken seriously in the Real Estate world.  The buyer agent will guide you to make good decisions to be taken seriously by the seller.

The buyers agent will help you assemble your core team–realtor, lender and title company.

At some point, all parties to a transaction will agree on terms, everyone will now be in the ready, willing and able to perform. The two teams, The selling team and the buyer team merge to become one… making the mission of selling and buying take place efficiently.

The result is that everyone wins as intended. Those that refuse to get into the flow of the purchase or who will not follow instructions will not only drag out the procedures unnecessarily but cause the worse to happen namely miss the opportunity to have the home you really wanted.  So get prepared!