“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

Albert Einstein


So you want to buy a home.  That is a huge decision!  So much to decide…..where should I live, what kind of house do I want, how big should my home be, what features do I want in my house, what can I afford.   Step one is where…..

Where do you want to live?
You know what they say….location, location, location. This is so true, but the best location for everyone is different. Where do YOU need to live?

Do you need to be near family?
What commute time are you comfortable with?
Do you need to be near a freeway entrance?
What school district are you interested in or want to avoid?
Do you need to be near an activity (ie dance studio, coach,tutor)?
Do you need to be near a park?
Do you need to be near a dog park?
Do you want a community pool?
Do you need an home with a view?
North/south house orientation?
View fencing?
Near healthcare?
Near entertainment and shopping?
On a corner, cul-de-sac, mid block?
Urban or rural?

What do you want to avoid?

Next to commercial/industrial
Near railroad tracks, Freeways or under flight paths
Near power lines
In crime ridden areas
Economically depressed areas
Neighborhoods on the decline