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You want to buy a house.  You are committed to the process.  You want to be successful in your quest.  And yet many buyers are their own worst enemy.  Here are some bad habits to avoid.

Too secretive: You should think of yourself and your Realtor as a team, but the some buyers may not always see it that way. Some people think they would be better off keeping certain information secret from their Realtor. For example, buyers might worry about telling the Realtor the maximum amount they’ll pay for a home, fearing that the Realtor, their agent, will talk them into spending more than they want to.  Buyers need to trust their Realtor.  It is their fiduciary duty to protect you!

Lowballers: Even if a home is priced fairly for the market, there are buyers  who refuse to make a higher offer and won’t listen to their Realtors advice. “We understand that people want to save money “But if you make a ridiculously lowball offer, you could lose out on a home that you love.”  In some cases the buyer will insult the seller with their low offer and the seller will  terminate the negotiations.

Unrealistic expectations: People who have a strict idea of their perfect house may be unwilling to compromise on anything. “There are compromises with everything, Even when people custom-build their own homes, once they move in, they realize it’s not perfect.” If you refuse to compromise you will never buy.

Poor communication skills: Buyers may rely too heavily on texting to communicate during a real estate transaction. It may be a fine option for setting up a showing or asking a quick question about a house, but to discuss important issues, a phone call is better. Face to face is best. You learn a lot about what someone wants by their body language and facial expressions.

So the best advice I have for buyers is find a realtor that they trust. Listen to the Realtor.   Talk to the Realtor and make sure they are listening too. This article about the home buying process may help–ADVICE