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When choosing the right home you’re not just choosing the layout of the house, style, and architecture but the neighborhood as well. You don’t want to neglect to check out the neighborhood before buying a home because the house might be amazing in the neighborhood may leave much to be desired. When choosing a home check out these five things about the neighborhood.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Neighborhood

#1. Safety.

The house might be cheap but there could be a reason for that. If the home is too cheap to be real, there could be other issues. Perhaps there’s high crime in the neighborhood. While as a real estate agent I cannot steer you towards one neighborhood or the other I can offer resources to find out about the crime rates and safety in particular neighborhoods.

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#2. General housing prices.

Find a neighborhood that has a great balance between the home prices and the quality of living. This will help you find a place that not only fits your budget but your lifestyle as well. If you’re buying the cheapest house in the nicest neighborhood, chances are you’ve got a good deal and the home will appreciate in value rather quickly.

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#3. Career or job availability.

You may have a great job now but it also helps to live somewhere that provides an abundance of job options. You want to consider the commute as well and if there are multiple ways to get to your neighborhood. If there’s only one way in and out chances are that route will be congested at least twice a day.

#4. Schools.

I’ve talked to a lot of people that are not concerned with the school district because they don’t have kids but if you’re planning on living in a home for 5 to 10 years and then moving, your resale value could be determined based on whether or not you’re in a good school zone or district. Even if you don’t have kids choosing a home in a great school district will increase the value of your home overall.

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#5. Amenities.

We all want to have a little bit of fun but if you live in a neighborhood that is miles from the closest park or neighborhood attractions, your home may not appreciate in value as high as a home in a neighborhood close to great schools, coffee shops, grocery stores or parks. Try to pick a neighborhood that is equal distance between more populated areas and those close to nature. You can enjoy nightlife as well as outdoor recreation.

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