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parental home buyer regretsHave kids? Looking for a new house? This article is for you. This post, adapted from a Realtor Magazine article, talks about four common regrets that buyers have if they have children.

Children definitely bring a whole new set of rules and priorities when it comes to home buying. You might be looking for a specific school zone, safety, low crime, or just another neighborhood full of other kids. Whatever it is, if you are moving into a new home and you have children, try to avoid these four common mistakes.

#1. Outside safety.

Obviously, we want our children to live the safest life possible so some parents may avoid homes on busy streets but another outdoor factor that parents can overlook is sidewalks. Sidewalks do invite people to go for a walk and it can be the perfect place to set up a lemonade stand in the summer. Remember, kids love using chalk along the sidewalks, so it might seem like an afterthought, but you might want to home not on a busy street yet with the sidewalk for fun and play.

#2. A clear view of the backyard.

This is definitely one of those things that you probably wouldn’t even think about until you moved in and the kids go out to play realizing you can’t see them from any place in the house. Take a look at where kids will be playing and see if you have a clear shot either through a kitchen window or living room window. If this is an issue, it will become more of an issue once you move in.

#3. The neighbors.

You might love the house, the backyard, and the location, but if you are in close proximity to an inappropriate household, this might avoid everything you know about the neighborhood. Although we as real estate agents cannot specifically tell you where or where not to live, you can check the National Sex Offender Public Website to determine if any sex offenders are in a particular neighborhood.

#4. Bedroom placement.

You might be looking at the size of the room, but try to look at the layout of the house as well. Many parents regret purchasing a home when the master suite is way too far away from other bedrooms. Think long-term; will you be having any more children and will the nursery be to a far away from the master bedroom? Do you want to be farther away from your kids? Does the layout work for your family both now and five years from now? How will the resale value work for up-and-coming parents in the future? Are the bedrooms on separate floors and is that an issue?

These simple questions are some of the top regrets that parents can have one purchasing a home. Knowing now may help you plan for the future.

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