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January Purge - What to Toss in 2020

Out with the old and onto the new, right? It’s 2020 and if you’re slowly putting decorations and items away it may be time for a purge. Here are 6 things to toss at the start of a new year. January Purge – What to Toss in 2020

#1. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year.

Now is a great time to go through your closet look at things that you really haven’t worn or you forgot you had. Get rid of anything seasonal that you didn’t wear during the season and if you’d like to start fresh for the new year, take all of your hangers and turn them the opposite way so that when you use an article of clothing you turn the hanger around. By this time next year, you’ll easily be able to tell what you have used in which you haven’t.

#2. Linens, towels, table cloths, and cloth napkins that you never use.

Do you have a drawer or closet somewhere in your house where you’re keeping all of these fancy items that you plan on using when guests are around but never do? If you’ve hosted people over the holiday season and you didn’t actually use any of these items, it’s time to donate them. Animal shelters are always looking for extra blankets and linens.

#3. Holiday decorations you didn’t put up.

As your putting away your holiday decorations are there items that you know you’ll never use again? It may be time to toss them or donate them. Now is also a great time to stock up for next year as most holiday decorations will be deeply discounted.

#4. Expired spices.

The holidays is a great time to organize spices and baking supplies. Check the expiration dates. Most spices start losing their potency after about six months.

#5. Kitchen gadgets you never use.

If you’ve hosted a few holiday parties and that egg beater at the bottom of the drawer or your 72 spatulas didn’t make the cut, it may be time to toss them or donate them.

#6. Unloved toys.

If you have kids you’ve probably brought a plethora of new toys into the house over the last couple of weeks so now is a great time to donate old toys or toss items that are just too rough and ragged. This is also a great way to teach your kids about giving and being generous.

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Start 2020 right by decluttering not just your home but your life as well. Keep only the things that mean the most to and try to pair down.

And here’s wishing you a very happy new year!