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Mesa AZ Parks

The Mesa Arizona area has dozens of amazing parks, recreational facilities, and playgrounds for people of all ages, walks of life, and activity levels. With our sunshiny weather nearly 365 days of the year, there’s always something fun to see, explore, or enjoy in the Mesa AZ parks and recreational facilities. Here are some of the top parks in the area, locations, and what they provide.

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Mesa AZ Parks

Alta Mesa Park

Alta Mesa Park is located at 1910 N. Alta Mesa Dr. It features about 8 1/2 acres of picnic tables, and exercise course, volleyball courts, horseshoes, shaded picnic areas, playgrounds and lighted basketball courts. The park is open from sunrise to 10 PM every day.

Augusta Ranch Park

Augusta Ranch Park is located at 9455 East Neville Ave. and features playgrounds and playground equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, picnic ramadas, barbecue areas, picnic tables, and over 10 acres of sports fields and trails. It’s open from sunrise to 10 PM every day.

Beverly Park

Beverly Park is just under 3 acres located east of Alma School Road at 115 North Beverly St. It features picnic and picnic tables, playgrounds, and a beautiful walkway.

Candlelight Park

Candlelight Park is located at 1540 North Berkeley St. and features over 5 acres of playground equipment, horseshoe fields, volleyball courts, barbecue areas, and picnic tables.

Carriage Lane Park

Carriage Lane Park is located at 3140 South Carriage Ln. and features nearly 23 acres of shaded playgrounds, restrooms, barbecue areas and picnic tables, lighted basketball courts and volleyball courts, a beautiful lake and even in on leash dog area.

Chaparral Park

Chaparral Park is located at 1635 North Gilbert Rd. and features nearly 6 acres of unique playground equipment, benches and chairs, lighted basketball courts and horseshoes, picnic tables and barbecue grills.

Chelsea Park

Chelsea Park is 5 acres of basketball courts and playgrounds located at 145 S. 40th St. in Mesa. They’ve recently updated their playground equipment and now includes lighted cement volleyball courts and picnic tables as well.

Mesa AZ Parks

Countryside Park

Countryside Park is located at 3130 East Southern Ave. and is a wonderful off-leash dog Park featuring lighted baseball fields, bleachers, shaded playground equipment, restrooms, multiple basketball courts and volleyball courts, walking and biking trails, and over 30 acres of activities and recreational facilities. The off-leash dog area is closed on Tuesdays and daily from 12 o’clock noon to 1:00 PM for cleaning. The baseball fields do require permits. Check with Mesa parks and recreational facilities for more information on obtaining a permit for the baseball fields or for details on the park layout and off-leash dog area.

Desert Arroyo Park

This 58-acre parcel of native desert uplands is located at the northeast corner of McKellips and Ellsworth Road at 9320 E. McKellips Road. It features five shaded picnic remodelers, playground equipment, picnic tables, and several designated trails with plant identification signs, a loop perfect for hiking or biking, and five educational sections along the Discovery Loop. Read More

Desert Trails Park

Desert Trails Park is located at 2955 North Recker Rd. and features over 37 acres of biking trails, pump tracks, and a skill track with picnic tables, restroom facilities, shaded picnic remodelers and a series of trails for adults and children. This park is open sunrise to sunset.

Dobson Ranch Park

Dobson Ranch Park is located at 2359 South Dobson Rd. It features over 14 acres of hiking and walking trails, picnic areas, barbecue grills, picnic remodels, basketball courts, and a beautiful lake. It’s also part of the Dobson Ranch Golf Course.

East Mark Great Park

Located at 5100 S. East Mark Pkwy., this beautiful park is right up against a lake featuring a shaded splash pad open seven days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM. There’s picnic remodels, playgrounds, basketball courts, walking trails, restrooms, and an exercise corpse. This park is one of the largest in the area nearly 90 acres.

Emerald Park

Emerald Park is nestled at 1455 South Harris Dr. and features a stunning Lake, lighted basketball courts, picnic areas, volleyball courts, a Frisbee or disc golf course and a disc golf club on its 16.2 acres.

Enid Park

Enid Park is located at 5319 East Enid Ave. and features a small 6-acre park with a few fields, picnic areas and playgrounds.

Mesa AZ Parks

Ensenada Park

This small 7 1/2 acre park features playgrounds and picnic facilities and is located at 6413 East Elmwood St.

Escobedo Park

Located at 215 E. 6th St., Escobedo Park is a small 2 1/2 acre field with a few shaded picnic facilities, restrooms, a ballfield, basketball courts, playgrounds, and rented fields.

Evergreen Park

The beautiful 4 1/2 acre Evergreen Park is located at 328 W. 5th St. and offers residents playgrounds, picnic facilities, volleyball, ball fields, and lighted basketball courts. There are fees for the day use of the unlocked fields.

Falcon Field Park

The Falcon Field Park is located at 4800 East Falcon Dr. and is a 3-acre park featuring playground facilities, picnic facilities, restrooms, horseshoes, and volleyball and basketball courts. You can rent the reserve double shaded picnic ramadas for around $20 per hour.

Falcon Hill Park

Located at 7222 East Jensen St. is the Falcon Hill Park offering over 22 acres of playground equipment, walkways, lighted basketball and volleyball courts, horseshoes, and picnic facilities.

Fiesta Sports Park

This 17-acre park located at 936 South Extension Rd. offers youth softball fields, youth baseball fields, signboards, playgrounds with shaded canopies, and multi-you sports fields with bleachers.

Fitch Park

Fitch Park is a 31-acre park at 651 North Center St. in Mesa. It offers lighted basketball courts, racquetball courts, restrooms, picnic facilities and playgrounds.

Gene Autry Park

The Gene Autry Park is located at 4125 E. McKellips Road. This 47-acre park is home to the Mesa Tennis Center and also features light a baseball fields, playgrounds, restrooms, picnic facilities, and volleyball courts.

Golden Hills Park

Located at 7256 East Pueblo Ave., the Golden Hills Park features 11 acres of open space with a few picnic shelters and a shaded playground.

Greenfield Park

Greenfield Park is located at 4105 East Diamond Ave. and features a community fishing lake stocked with fathead minnows, bluegill, bass, and catfish. It also offers an ADA fishing pier, shaded remodelers, tables and barbecues, shaded playground equipment, exercise equipment, horseshoes, ADA sidewalks, and restrooms.

Guerrero Rotary Park

Located at 205 W. 8th Ave., this Rotary Park features an exercise course, soccer fields, softball fields, shaded playground, lighted basketball courts, and picnic areas and restrooms.

Harmony Park

Harmony Park is located at 1434 S. 32nd St. in Mesa. It offers 14 acres of picnic facilities, walking trails, and a beautiful playground.

Mesa AZ Parks

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is located at 1501 S. Pima and features a playground, lighted sand volleyball and basketball courts and over 17 acres of picnic areas and walking trails.

Hermosa Vista Park

Located at 2255 North Lindsay Rd., Hermosa Vista Park features lighted basketball courts, horseshoes, picnic areas, playgrounds, and about 8 acres of Park facilities.

Holmes Park

Holmes Park is a large 17-acre grassy park perfect for throwing the ball for the dog, exercise work, or just enjoying a large grassy open space.

Jefferson Park

Located at 306 South Jefferson Ave., this over 16-acre park features sand volleyball courts, picnic facilities, horseshoes, lighted basketball courts, playgrounds, and restrooms. It’s also home to the Jefferson Gymnasium and Recreation Center. This Center features afterschool programs, special events, and is available for rentals and reservations.

Kingsbourough Park

Located at 2311 East Holmes Ave., this 14-acre park features lighted basketball courts, shaded play structures, picnic facilities and horseshoes.

Kleinman Park

Kleinman Park is located at 710 S. Ext Rd. This nearly 25-acre park features lighted sports courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, softball fields, and brand-new playground equipment. There’s walking trails and picnic facilities, lighted volleyball courts and restrooms.

Los Alamos Park

This 10-acre park is located at 2840 E. Covina and features just a few picnic tables and an open playground.

Mariposa Park

Mariposa Park is located at 2351 South Haas Rd. and offers visitors 9 acres of outdoor fitness equipment, play structures, play pockets, and picnic areas.

Marlborough Mesa Park

This 5-acre park is located at 3105 S. Alma School Rd. and offers a playground area and a few picnic remodels.

Meadowgreen Park

This 7-acre park consists primarily of soccer fields and is located at 2821 East Pueblo Ave.

Monterey Park

Monterey Park is located at 7045 East Monterey Ave. and features a playground, lighted hard surface volleyball courts, one of the only in the area, lighted basketball courts, barbecues and picnic tables, multiuser sports fields, horseshoes, and over 21 acres of walking trails and shaded picnic remodels.

Mountain View Park

This 17-acre park is located at 845 North Lindsay Rd. and offers lighted basketball courts, horseshoes, and exercise course, playgrounds, picnic facilities, soccer fields, lighted volleyball courts, and multiple multi-use fields.

Palo Verde Park

Palo Verde Park is located at 3135 South Dobson Rd. This 18-acre multi-use Park features picnic tables and barbecues, lighted basketball courts, playgrounds and soccer fields.

Park of the Canals

Located at 1710 N. Horne this beautiful botanical Garden of Park offers reserve a blue shaded picnic remodels, restrooms, garden areas, a playground, and over 31 acres of beautiful open space.

Pequeno Park

This very small, 1-acre park features of small exercise course and playground, picnic tables and a lighted basketball court.

Mesa AZ Parks

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is probably one of the most popular parks in the Mesa area. Located at 526 East Main St., this park has an amazing splash pad, suspension bridge, water wall, huge playground, a food truck area, historical train, unique art and monuments, picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, lighted basketball courts, horseshoes, and much more. If you are new to the Mesa area you have to check out Pioneer Park.

Porter Park

Porter Park is located at 420 E. 8th St. and offers 2.7 acres of shaded picnic facilities, a lighted half-court basketball field and playground areas.

Princess Park

Located at 4461 E. to Princess Drive, this 5-acre park features a lighted cement volleyball court, picnic remodels, playgrounds, a lighted basketball court and horseshoes.

Quail Run Park

Quail Run Park located at 4155 East Virginia St. is one of Mesa’s ideal off-leash dog parks. It’s over 40 acres and features picnic areas, beautiful off-leash dog area, many soccer fields, baseball fields, and softball fields, along with shaded playground areas, picnic tables, and restrooms.

Rancho Del Mar Park

This park located at 748 west of Guadalupe features 11 acres of playground equipment, shaded picnic areas, lighted basketball courts, and lighted sand volleyball courts.

Red Mountain Park

The Red Mountain Park is located at 7745 East Brown Rd. This is one of the largest parks in the Mesa area. And nearly 1200 acres, the Red Mountain Park offers a disk golf or Frisbee golf course, shaded playgrounds, lighted basketball courts, a community fishing lake, plenty of walking and hiking trails, lighted soccer, baseball, and softball fields, restrooms, picnic areas, and lighted cement volleyball court.

Reed Park

Reed Park is located at 1631 East Broadway Rd. It offers 19 acres of shaded picnic facilities and remodels, playgrounds, and a skate court or skate deck open to bikes, boards, and blades. There’s also a lighted basketball court and walking trails.

Riverview Park

Riverview Park is located at 2100 W. Rio Salado Parkway and is open seven days a week from 9 AM to 10 PM. It features a beautiful pathway along the Salt River Bank ideal for walking, running or bicycling. It connects to the Riverview Park, Sloan Park, and the Riverview shopping center. Within the park there’s a climbing tower, mesh rope climbing structure, to playground areas, picnic tables, restrooms, and a community fishing Lake.

Sheepherders Park

This 8-acre park is located at 2455 E. McDowell Road and offers visitors playgrounds, basketball courts, shaded picnic areas, a lighted cement volleyball court and horseshoe facilities.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park is located at 1453 South Horne St. and offers 22 acres of soccer fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, and an extensive exercise course.

Silvergate Park

Silvergate Park is located at 2121 East Enid Ave. and offers 10 acres of picnic areas, lighted basketball courts, horseshoes, and non-shaded playgrounds.

Skyline Park

Skyline Park is located at 655 South Crimson Rd. This gorgeous a 30-acre park features lighted basketball courts, shaded play structures, picnic remodelers, for lighted softball fields and sand volleyball courts.

Stapely Park

This small, 2-acre park is located at 360 South Lesueur St. and features picnic areas, a basketball court, barbecues, and playgrounds.

Summit Park

Summit Park is located at 6237 East Virginia St. and is 6 acres of lighted basketball and sand volleyball courts, picnic remodelers and playgrounds.

Valencia Park

Valencia Park is located at 634 N. Quail Street and offers 5 acres of lighted basketball and sand volleyball courts, picnic areas and playgrounds.

Vista Monterey Park

Vista Monterey Park is located at 633 N. Val Vista Dr. and offers 3 1/2 acres of barbecue and picnic areas and a small playground.

Washington Park

Washington Park is located at 44 E. 5th St. and offers 2 acres of lighted hard surface volleyball courts and basketball courts, a small shaded playground, and some picnic remodelers.

Whitman Park

This park located at 1700 North Grand St. features 10 acres of playground equipment, lighted basketball courts, hard surface volleyball courts, and a few picnic areas.

Woodglen Park

Woodglen Park is located at 2342 South Beverly St. and offers 8 acres of picnic areas and playgrounds, barbecue grills, and walking trails.

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