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Best Communities in the East Valley where you can park your RV at home!

East Valley AZ Communities That Allow RV Parking

One of the most common requests I receive is a home with an RV gate.  Most people assume if there is an RV gate that they can park their RV behind it…..seems logical.  That would be too easy!  Most communities with an HOA do not allow an RV, truck, trailer or boat to be visible over the RV gate.  RVs are not allowed to be stored in public view, including driveways, side yards, and backyards.  They do not want to see it!

There are 2 jurisdictions involved in the rules for RV parking at your home.

  • The city and the HOA.

HOA is the most restrictive.  The city is usually more concerned with no street parking than the RV.  The city does not want anyone living in an RV.  The cities vary with their rules but generally, they may allow the RV in the backyard or side yard behind an RV gate.  Always verify, rules change, and cities vary.

The HOA and the city also do not want people living or staying in an RV on your property. They don’t want you parking on the street blocking several parking spaces.  They consider it an eyesore.

While the rule makes it clear that you must keep your RV out of public view, you are allowed to park one out of sight in your garage. This should be obvious because your HOA has no jurisdiction inside your home or garage.  There are some homes with RV garages….but not many.

To park your RV on site you need to search for communities that will allow this.  Older communities with no HOA can provide this.  Custom homes on acreage is another solution.  Some new communities have RV garages attached to the home.

It can be a real treasure hunt to find the right home with RV parking.

A search for an RV garage on-site is the best option.  The RV is safely housed.  Your investment is in a protected environment.

A search for properties that the listing agent has indicated has an RV gate or RV parking and the HOA allows visible trucks, trailers, RVs or boats.  Always verify what the listing agent tells you.

A search for homes with no HOA and a RV gate is a great solution.

Any of these may indicate a possibility but the reality of space on the site may not work for your situation.  Examining the site with a tape measure may be required to know if your RV will fit. This is important to buyers.  They must verify the HOA rules and site dimensions to be sure their RV has a home on site.

  • RV GARAGE is an easy option.  The homes are on larger lots and are typically more expensive.  This is the best way to store your beautiful RV.
  • RV PARKING This should be a good way to search for RV parking but listing agents either don’t notate this important information or may exaggerate the plausibility of RV parking.  You need to do your due diligence on these.
  • NO HOA with Gate. This is a great way to find a unicorn.  If there is no HOA and the home has an RV gate and your RV fits, bingo you have a winner.

The best option is to simply contact me and let me do the heavy lifting for you! I can help you find the perfect house in a community that allows you to park your RV in East Valley Arizona.

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