9 January 2018
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9 January 2018,

Etiquette is not discussed a lot these days. Many complains and grumbles could be avoided if everyone treated people as they would like to be treated.  There is an unspoken buyer etiquette.  It really isn’t a deep philosophical concept.  Just common sense.

Do not Call Other Realtors

Find a Realtor you like and trust.  Now allow them to be your point of contact.  It is their job.  They know how to negotiate and gather information.

I know, I know you want an answer NOW.  Be patient and allow them to  set up appointments and answer your questions.  You need one person to represent your best interest….don’t muddy the water.

I am going to double back on ‘find a Realtor you like and trust’.  ONE.  Find one.  Work with one.  If you are looking in a city any Realtor in that area has access to the MLS (multiple listing service) and can help you.   Do not have 3 or 4 Realtors working for you.  Pick  one.  Would you use 3 or 4 lawyers at once?  Do unto other as you would want others to do unto you.

Children and Family (or Friends) and Pets

When you go on showings with your Realtor it is best to leave the children at home.  They can be a distraction to you.  If this is not possible you must  keep them by your side or hold their hand or carry them a all times. It is not the seller or the Realtors job to control your children.  You need to watch them to be sure nothing is broken.  That is why they are a distraction and better left at home.  Would you want a strangers children racing around playing tag in your home?

Don’t bring additional people. Not Aunt Sue or your college roommate.  You need to focus on your wants and needs….have you ever watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress’?  There is some poor girl with 15 people telling her what dress she should want.  It is your decision.  If you are single and bring your mom…..that is OK but not 6 people.  It makes every visit longer and distracts you.

Don’t bring your pets.  Some home owners have allergies and and do not want pets in their home.  You must respect this.  If you have a service dog discuss this with you realtor and they will clear it with the home owner.

Food and Drinks

Leave it in the car.  Do not bring your lunch into someones home.

Just Looking for Fun

Do not make appointments to view homes you have no intention of buying.  This wastes time for the seller and the Realtor.  It also wastes your time.  The seller goes to great effort to prepare for a showing….respect that.

Be on Time

The seller goes to great effort to prepare for a showing and to leave the home.  Respect that.  If I am going to be late ( which can happen if you are seeing several homes in a day)  I call to update them on our ETA.  If you are meeting a Realtor at a home don’t waste their time and be an hour late.

Follow Showing Instructions

If the home owner requests you to remove your shoes or not open a door. Respect that it is their home.

In Conclusion

The summary is respect. Be respectful to everyone’s time and home.   Do unto other as you would want others to do unto you. SIMPLE.





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