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5 Signs a 55+ Community Could Be Right for You – If you are nearing retirement in the Mesa area, chances are you’ve given some thought to where you will be living in your future after hanging up your work hat for good. Many people plan to stay in their current home and age in place while others are hoping to find a community full of like-minded residents. Whatever your choice there are many great homes for retirement to be found here in Mesa Arizona.Signs a 55+ Community Could Be Right for You

If you are considering moving into a 55+ community you and your spouse will need to be at least 55 years old to purchase or rent a home in the community. 55+ communities range in size from as basic as a small condo complex to large gated communities to a collection of private estate homes with impressive luxury amenities. But how do you know if you are making the right decision by opting to purchase a home in a 55+ community? Here are some factors that can help you determine if you are ready for this type of move.

Signs a 55+ Community Could Be Right for You

You would really prefer to live around people in the same stage of life

There are many advantages to living in a community of mature older adults that have been around long enough to know how to be courteous and respectful to their neighbors. Chances are you will find lots of people in a 55+ community with similar interests and outlooks on life that you hold as well as shared hobbies or passions including golf, pickleball, card games, book clubs, and much more. Some 55+ communities might even market to a specific group of older adults that have a focused common interest.

You are ready to live a lower maintenance lifestyle

Most 55+ communities charge a monthly homeowners association fee and this typically covers things such as exterior maintenance, landscaping, and even trash removal or more in addition to the upkeep of any community amenities. So if you are ready to give up the backbreaking tasks of cleaning out gutters, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and more a 55+ community just might be the thing for you.

Having quiet neighbors sounds like a large perkSigns a 55+ Community Could Be Right for You

At some time in your life, you may have lived next to a house full of people that love to invite people over without necessarily thinking of how it would impact the neighbors around them. Sometimes having loud outdoor parties until midnight hours. This will not happen in a 55+ community full of mature adults as it is openly communicated that the people living within the community would prefer to have a peaceful and relaxed environment as opposed to a highly lively and louder one.

You are looking for easy access to recreation

If you are tired of driving across town to your favorite golf course or looking for the best prices on a fitness program or center with the exact activities and amenities that you would like to utilize such as a pool with lap swimming. A 55+ community with the exact amenities you are looking for will be a huge plus to you. No need to drive 20 minutes across town to take your favorite swim class you can do it by walking a couple blocks from your front door in a 55+ community.

Socializing and making friends is important to you

If you love to get out and meet new people that are like-minded and understand you, a 55+ community can be an easy and great way to get to know neighbors that are in the same stages of life that you are in and have the same common interests. Many 55+ communities have a clubhouse that hosts events and clubs for you to be able to get to know your neighbors and live a lifestyle where you are consistently able to socialize.

For more information on the many great retirement communities in and around Mesa Arizona or even just great properties to use as a part-time home please contact me anytime.

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