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7 Things to Look for in a 55+ Community

Arizona is known for its retirement communities. There are a plethora of distinct neighborhoods and communities in Apache Junction, Gilbert, Chandler, and San Tan Valley. If you’re currently on the market for an active adult community and you just want that low maintenance lifestyle in a variety of activities, Arizona is definitely the place to find it. But how do you know what to look for? Are there things you should be aware of before starting your search? I want your search to be easy and stress-free so here are seven things to look for in a 55+ community.

#1. Your level of activity.

Do you want a community that’s a go go go all the time? Always something to do, and adventure to take, or something to see? Or would you prefer a community that has one or two activities a month? Are you looking for a wealth of do-it-yourself activities such as a community swimming pool, golf course, and game room? All of these communities have different levels of activities. You’re welcome to join as many or as few as you want but if you’re looking for a wealth of activities and things to do, there are better communities than others. If you’re looking for that low maintenance lifestyle and just want to be left alone, there are communities for you as well.

#2. Budget.

How much do you want to spend monthly? Not only will you be purchasing a home, villa, coach home, patio home, or condominium in one of these communities but chances are you’ll have some form of homeowner association dues. There are communities that offer low homeowner association fees and even some that offer none but then your level of activities and amenities greatly decreases. This may be appropriate depending on your answer to #1, how much you really want to do in the community. If you’re just looking for low maintenance, you might not have to worry too much about your budget. The more activities, the more association fees might be tacked on plus the cost of the unit or home might be more expensive as well.

Basically, don’t forget to factor in the association dues, principal and interest, any mortgage insurance, taxes, and homeowners insurance in your monthly housing payment.

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#3. Size of the community.

Size may or may not be a factor to you in your decision but it is something to consider. Do you prefer a large community where you can meet a lot of new people or do you prefer a more small, tight-knit community where you know all of your neighbors? Arizona has a wide range of 55+ communities throughout the area and some have hundreds of units and condominiums while others have less than 100. This can play a factor in your decision.

#4. Age range and restrictions.

Just because we are saying the term “55+” doesn’t necessarily mean that every community sticks to that age limits. Most throughout the San Tan Valley have a 55+ age limit but there are other restrictions or even non-restrictions involved. Some communities only require one of two spouses living together to be over 55 while others have no restrictions on adult children or even grandkids coming to stay. Some require both parties or all people that live on the property to be over 55. This may or may not be a factor but it is something to consider.

#5. A wealth of amenities.

Most 55+ communities will offer some type of amenities but many offer way more than others. Are you looking to have everything on-site? Do you want your grocery store, spa, salon, dining facilities, fitness centers, aquatic centers, a golf course, classes, social activities, arts and craft studios, church gatherings and other amenities right on-site? Some may even offer assisted living services for the future, scheduled transportation if you prefer not to own a vehicle, and landscape and building maintenance options. Some may even offer laundry facilities and cleaning services. Of course, as we mentioned before, the more amenities a community offers, the higher the association fees.

#6. Close to quality healthcare.

This might be a factor but if it’s not right now it may be in the future. While many of these 55+ communities offer a lot of amenities, if the proximity to a reputable hospital is out of reach, it may not be worth it. Even if you are in perfect health now, having a nearby healthcare facility could be a higher priority in the future.

#7. The right house.

Regardless of the community it still comes down to having the right house. Do you want a completely maintenance-free condominium or townhouse or do you prefer to have a house that you could alter a bit? Do you want to do your own landscape or have all the maintenance taking care of? Do you prefer a two-story or single-story home? Wide hallways, no stairs whatsoever, lower countertops? All of these factors can play a part in the right home for you.

Start your online search here for all 55+ communities throughout the Scottsdale Arizona area. I specialize in Apache Junction, Gilbert, and Chandler and would love to help you find the right home in the right community for your needs.