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7 HOA Rules To Avoid Violating

Living in the Scottsdale and Mesa Arizona area you’ll find a lot of homeowner associations. Whether it’s townhome associations, condominiums, or associations that manage gated or non-gated single-family home communities, HOAs are fairly common, especially in newer developments. While living in an association may be unavoidable there are some rules that you definitely don’t want to break. 7 HOA Rules To Avoid Violating

Here are seven HOA rules to avoid violating.

#1. Landscaping faux pas’s.

Many associations are responsible for how the community looks and they want to manage that community with consistency and bylaws. They often have rules about the type of trees or plants allowed, cleaning up the exterior, mowing your yard, or keeping garbage cans hidden. You may also have rules on how high certain trees can grow as they cannot block other people’s views.

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#2. Rentals.

This goes for both condos, townhouses, and single-family houses but some associations have rules about renting out your house. Sometimes because the insurance is dependent on the percentage of owners versus renters and most associations require written permission to rent out your home. Be sure to check with the Association rules and regulations before buying a home in an area that has rules on rentals.

#3. Vehicles.

Associations may also limit how many and what type of vehicle can be kept on a property or insight. RVs, boats, and commercial vehicles may not be allowed in the driveway or on the street for a longer. Of time so if you’re planning on having a boat tour and RV, it’s important to know these rules.

#4. Major design changes.

Most associations also have rules about the color you can paint your house and any building additions such as a storage building or adding on to the house.

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#5. Noise.

Most associations have rules about loud noises between certain hours but city and counties can also have these ordinances well even if the Association doesn’t restrict the homeowners. Police can be involved when it comes to keeping noise ordinances.

#6. Holiday decorations.

Living in association means there could be rules as to the type of holiday decorations and the amount you are allowed and how long those decorations can stay up after the holiday. If you are big on holiday decorations and really go all out, ask about the rules before finalizing the sale.

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#7. Pets.

Homeowner associations want to keep all residents safe and comfortable so there may be restrictions about the type of pet, how many pets, the weight of a pet, and where you can walk your dog or keep your pet. Condos and townhouses seem to be more strict when it comes to a pet policy but even single-family house associations can have rules on the type of dog you are allowed to have and the size. You’d be surprised to know that many homeowner associations than some breeds regardless of the owner.

If you have specifics that you’d like to confirm with an Association before finding a house, give me a call. I know a lot of the associations and developments around Mesa and can help get you into the right community for your needs and your household lifestyle.

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